The koss ksc75 portable stereophone headphones have been designed and built to be the precise set of koss earbuds for athletics and the tour. The unique capabilities that make the koss ksc seventy-five a perfect set of headphones for jogging and the tourist encompass its mild weight of simplest 1.four oz. And its small length, which makes it fits.ksc75.21 without difficulty in a pocket or a purse. Tender, coated clips bend around every ear to preserve the ear plates lightly, however, firmly to the ears so that the koss ksc75 walking headphones are not in all likelihood to shake unfastened when the person is active in sports activities. Foam-covered, pivoting ear plates at the koss ksc75 sport clip-on stereo headphones offer a comfortable, customized in shape for lengthy listening sessions.

However, one of the capabilities that users love maximum of approximately the koss ksc75 clip-on stereo headphones is the high sound great at this ridiculously low price. With an effective impedance of 60 ohms, the ksc75 supplies a correct sound duplicate over an extensive range of 15 – 25,000 hertz. Oxygen-unfastened copper voice coils paintings collectively with inflexible, high-polymer, 2-mm, titanium-covered speaker drivers, powered with the aid of rare-earth, iron-boron, neodymium magnets, make the koss stereo earphones produce a frequency response that capabilities deep bass resonance with a legitimate distortion of less than zero.2%. Many koss ksc75 sports clip headphones evaluate feedback says that the sound first-rate of the koss earphones equals or surpasses that of other headphones that cost more than three times as a great deal. To peer some other overview video and examine a complete article about the koss ksc75 sports activities in-ear headphones, with a full list of functions, visit koss ksc75 headphones review. Or, to look at a video and article which offers details about what owners and users have to say about the koss ksc75 transportable stereo headphones, visit koss ksc75 portable stereophone headphones review. See under several films using different authors about the on-ear wireless koss ksc75 sports activities earphones.


In his assessment of the koss headphones, radio set guy gives a fashionable evaluation of the koss ksc75 specs, consisting of its excellent sound best and the features which make the koss ksc75 sport clip stereophone the right headphone for walking and the journey. amongst other sound high capabilities, these koss stereo headphones have a frequency reaction form of 15 – 25,000 hertz with a distortion of plenty much less than zero.2%, the usage of a powerful impedance of 60 0hms…


Hi-fi guy begins his koss ksc75 stereo headphones evaluate through displaying the approval numbers that the koss stereophones acquired on four primary evaluate web sites that rated the ksc75 headphones. Then he summarizes the testimonial critiques of 12 customers and owners of the koss transportable headphone to reveal what they have to mention approximately it once they have attempted it out for themselves.


in his koss ksc75 headphones evaluate, mrallaboutvids is inspired with the conveniently small length of the portable stereophones and is surprised with the coolest quality sound that the koss stereophone places out for its size. the seventy-five koss ksc has lots of basses, and is a very secure set of soft earbud headphones….


Digital student unboxes his ksc75 strolling headphones, which he reveals very much like the Koss porta pro. However, the koss ksc75 sport clip is plenty higher for running due to the fact they don’t shake off the ears. and the koss ksc75 sports earphones also are lots cheaper “…in all likelihood, the fine headphones you may get in that fee variety…”

Reference from: The Sound Freak

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