DUSK Pc Game REVIEW I was just about hip-deep in people, and when I saw the writing on the wall I expended shells shootguns. A warning scrawled in blood: don’t go into the ruins. Behind me I detected a raspy noise. It was not quite an animal voice, but also it was not human. I turned around, and noticed something much greater than a poor man. Ruins Entry was labelled with a closed door. The raspy respiration emerged from just behind it again. I felt real chill flowing down my back.

Dusk is a reference to hallway games like Doom, Quake and Half-Life in the late ’90s. It’s also a love letter to strange genre movies such as The Hills Have Eyes and Deliverance for the cultist story. More importantly, it’s great. Dusk is flipping fucking great.

Run to the hills

I am meathooked (at least the third worse way to wake up) at the beginning of Dusk, and stuck in a mostly unarmed, hostile world. Like the shooters of the’ 90s it draws inspiration from, pace is the first weapon Dusk offers matches. This is a game where I zoom along the field by clicking the forward button and, charmingly, bunny hopping provides energy just as it used to be in the old days. With a strong W-finger and plenty of jumps, visiting Dusk’s first chapter’s eerie farmhouses and manufacturing structures looked like experiencing a museum of vintage videogame art on a motorcycle.

DUSK Pc Game

For speed’s sake, it’s not speed; I move fast, because it’s the only way to survive. There are many specific enemies in Dusk, from possessed scarecrows to hooded Klansmen casting dark magic, but virtually all of them assault me with melee assaults or fire missile swarms straight ahead. The range of opponents, some large, some tiny firing bullets that travel at varying speeds, allows each battle a constantly changing series of obstacles in ocean of games. The only way a chaotic area of firing monsters and missiles can be navigated is to shift, run circles around the bad guys, kite them into big groups or explosive tanks, and fire as hard as I can.

Speed is the first device but not the only one. Beginning with a couple of small sickles and moving up through the typical FPS loadout range, I shot demons and bad guys with handguns, lever-action rifles, double barrel mega shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and grenade launchers. The most surprising tool I’ve seen so far is the Riveter, a voluminous steel package that launches hot welding rivets of construction grade that blast spectacularly for some reason. I’m not exactly why a rivet driver could be behaving like this, but it’s really enjoyable.

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