1- Nair Quintilian

mesh trousers: you can ride a bike daily, you can freeze by jogging at 5:00 in the morning, but do not use anything that strengthens the package and subjects the rest of the humans to see the irregularities of the package. If you’ve decided to wear tights, put a pant on top of it.

2. Full sweatshirt:

Try not to match the sack with your trousers, or do you want to look like an old man doing aerobics in the National Park? In addition, according to a study by the Colombian Association of Sport and Fashion, 89% of people who wear a full sweatshirt to exercise end up going to the market and mass in the same facade.

3. Palm bath dress:

the swim dresses are for hot earth, for swimming, not for jogging or to go to the gym. We tell him because we have seen people strutting in the Cycle with the same bedbug with which they throw themselves into the pool with their legs collected and their nose covered.

4. Olympic marching shrewd pant:

we understand that it is fashionable to run, but you do not have to wear the classic chentera pant with side opening, which shows that white side area between the oval area and the buttocks and by little lets you see how much the pubic strip is pruned.

5. Kenyan or spinner tread-like tread-like T-shirts:

hussy sleeves, thin Band-Aids on the shoulders (brassier style) and with a tray collar that reveals the nipple. You think someone wants to see his male nipple, really?


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